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Following the principles of the Early Years Outcomes and our Inclusion policies, we work to the abilities of each child as an individual. Your key person will provide activities, challenges and opportunities to suit your child and his or her specific abilities in different areas.  Our regular planning focuses on the holistic development of your child’s abilities across the whole curriculum and we pay particular attention to the prime areas of the curriculum to ensure your child is prepared for school.


If your key person has any concerns about your child’s development or behaviour, they will discuss this with you whenever necessary.  Behaviour issues can often be sorted easily by introducing a set of strategies to work towards together; often benefiting behaviour at home as well.  Sometimes we may recommend that your child’s hearing is tested, or a Health Visitor consulted for further specific information.


On occasions, your key person may recommend that a plan is drawn up to concentrate on a particular area where she feels your child would benefit from additional support. With your permission, we will contact our external advisor for specific advice or make direct referrals to external agencies such as Speech Therapy.

Should your child have any specific needs which have already been identified, please let us know so we can liaise with the specialists already involved, enabling us to provide appropriate resources and ensuring all your child’s needs are met.

Our Preschool Senco is

Mrs Nicola Mann-Rae

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