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The pre-school uses Tapestry - The Online Learning Journal, in order to track and record your child's development within the setting.

This is a secure online journal which is accessed via this link: You will receive an email notification each time an update to your child's journal is made.

Your child’s key person will observe your child regularly and assess how they are learning and developing. These observations are captured in the form of photographs and written notes and uploaded to their journal.

Parents are also encouraged to add photos and comments to the journal to build a fuller picture of your child’s learning and development.

You will be provided with full details of how to gain access to Tapestry during your child's settling in period.

“I love Tapestry. It gives me such a lovely window into what my daughter gets up to during her days there. Aside from helping me gather a clear picture on her development, it also shows me how happy she is at the pre-school, which is a massive comfort.”

A Parent

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